Men's Vintage high-top biker boots CONVERSION Size

Men's Shoes
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Tips:  Since this boot is made of faux PU leather, we recommend considering going up a size when purchasing. For example, if you wear Nike size 10, you can directly order size 10.

Measuring Guide 

The fit is based on the block which the shoe is moulded around during manufacture, this is called a last. Each size has to have its own last created. The correct way to fit the shoe is to use a “ball and heel” fit where the wide part of the foot fits in the wide part of the shoe. Always remember that the length of the shoe has little bearing on the fit. The fit across the foot is the key as this is what holds the foot in place. When trying shoes on always feel where the ball of the foot is located in the shoe as this is the part of the forefoot that makes contact with the floor first and wearing a shoe that fits correctly will prolong the life of the shoe.